We have established 3 levels of our Perfection Paint Correction Detailing to fit your individual needs and budget. Every service comes with a complete inspection of your vehicle to identify the problem areas, and discuss the steps needed to be taken to

correct the paint to your satisfaction. We do not offer set prices on these service because no two vehicles are the same, and will require different levels of work depending on the condition and desired results.

75-80% paint correction | Cost – $300-500*Hobbyist Level »»

This package is our base level paint correction service. This service is perfect for those of you with an “everyday driver” vehicle, but still wants it to look its absolute best. Since these vehicles are exposed to the elements year-round, perfection is not necessary, but an amazing glossy shine is desired. This service is affordable and quick, normally completed in one business day (8hrs), but will make a huge difference in the appearance and protection of your vehicle. The Hobbyist Level detail is ideal for anyone who is proud of what they drive, and would like to that to be reflected in look of the vehicle.

85-95% paint correction | Cost – $500-800*Enthusiast Level »»

The Enthusiast Level detail is an excellent choice for those who are looking to get a little more out of their vehicle. The depth and clarity that can be achieved with this service will rival, or even surpass that of a vehicle fresh off the lot. This is the perfect option for black cars, show cars, weekend drivers, or those discerning owners looking for the most out of their vehicle. This is our middle level service, and will take up to 12-15hrs to complete.

95-100% correction | Cost – $1000+Perfectionist Level »»

Our Perfectionist detail has been several years in the making. It took years of training and practice before we were able to offer this level of detailing. This package is for those looking for the ABSOULTE BEST available detailing on the market. No spot or point on the vehicle is left untreated. This detail can take a considerable amount of time to complete, up to several days in some cases. This is our highest level of correction, gloss, reflection, and protection. We also include the Paint Coating application of your choice when having this service completed. The results of the Perfectionist Detail will simply astound you. There is no better service on the detailing market.

Cost – $250+Matte Detail »»

If you own a Matte vehicle, you know how difficult proper detailing can be for it. Sometimes even taking it out of the garage can be a nerve wracking adventure. What if a bird targets it or it rains? Even the slightest mark or scratch on the surface can be a complicated problem for a Matte Finish. Finding an experienced and qualified detailer can be the difference between a perfect Matte vehicle and a complete disaster. After much testing, we have determined that Dr Beasley’s is, by far, the best of these products. We exclusively use Dr Beasley’s on all Matte vehicles. Do notrisk doing irreparable damage by using the wrong products or techniques.