Cost – $250 | Durability – 18-24 Months*VX1 Pro »»

Is a semi-permanent, extremely strong, Glass Coating for your vehicles exterior surfaces. The Pro version of VX1 has a higher silica content, which translates into a deeper, more beautiful gloss. This unique product far exceeds the durability and gloss of traditional waxes or sealants. Like other protective coatings, the VX1 Pro creates a hardened layer of protection to keep contaminates and other harmful environmental elements away from the finish. The deep, warm gloss will give your vehicle that “wet” look that everyone craves. The hydrophobic properties of VX1 Pro allow water just bead up and run off the vehicle. These properties not only repel dirt and grime, but makes for significantly easier washing and drying of the vehicle. Since VX1 Pro is a semi-permanent coating, you can expect to get 18-24 months of protection from a single application.

Cost – $200 | Durability – 18-24 Months**VM1 Rim and Metal Coating »»

Similar to what VX1 Pro does for your painted surfaces, VM1 does for your rims and other metal exterior surfaces. The difference is that VM1 was specifically designed for wheels (un-coated, or painted) and metal surfaces (exhaust tips, painted calipers, and trim) that can build up heat, and will withstand temperatures up to 700 degrees. As brake dust is being shed from your pads at several hundred degrees, it will not burn into the surface of the wheel causing etching or pitting. The layer of Glass Coating acts as a buffer between the wheels and contaminates such as brake dust and road grime. It also makes cleaning them significantly easier, allowing for the brake dust and grime to be just washed away without difficult scrubbing, saving you precious time. This product is one of the best wheel coatings available on the market.

Cost – $100 | Durability – 12 MonthsVR1 Trim and Plastic Restorer »»

Are you tired of plastic and trim restorers that just wash away or fade easily? The type of trim restorers they sell in the store or on TV are nothing more than a silicone product (tire shine) that looks great at first, but will quickly disappear with rain or washing. 22PLE has created a solution to that problem. They took their Glass Coating, which gives long lasting protection to your paint, and applied it to protecting plastic trim. The same hardened semi-permanent coating creates a barrier of protection from the elements, and leaves behind a rich color that your vehicle has not had since it was new. VR1 can also be used on new vehicles contains after colors to prevent the fading from occurring. VR1 can be used on any type or color trim, with the same outstanding results.


*Application Only, Correction will be extra **Removal, through cleaning, and application to all four wheels