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If you have a large collection of vehicles that you are looking to have done, and bringing them to us is simply not an option, we can arrange to come to your location. On The Spot has its roots in mobile detailing, and are able to offer a mobile service for a large group of vehicles. However, there are some restrictions and requirements for us to be able to offer this service.


Location – The vehicles need to be within 30 miles of our shop’s location in Columbia. Anything further than that would fall into the Travel section.

Climate Controlled and Clean Indoor Work area – Temperature and environmental control is an important part of a paint correction service. We need to be out of direct sunlight, and it not be too hot or too cold. We also need the area to be dust and clutter free to allow for easy access to all part of the vehicle.

Lighting – There is not much that is more important when doing paint correction than proper lighting. We require good fluorescent or LED lighting to complete our service. If you do not know if it is adequate, please contact us and we will come and check it out.

Number of vehicles – Due to the complexities of traveling with everything we need for a proper paint correction service, we must set the minimum number of vehicles at 4 for our Collections service.

Events »»

collections-events-travel-2We love participating in Events with our customers. Cars are our passion, and we enjoy spending time with others who feel the same. We are available to provide whatever level of care is needed for your vehicle prior to the event, and during the event if necessary. Please contact us with the date and type of event, and we will create a custom service to fit your individual needs.

Travel »»

Great detailers are hard to find, and when you find them, you do not want to let them go. You needing to move to another city or state should not mean you have to go through the tedious process of finding another qualified detailer in your area. We have experience in traveling to other areas to perform detailing services, and can provide the same service to you. We are here for you and your vehicles, wherever “here” might be.